Wells link up with Foresters to develop local potential

Wednesday 18th January 2006

At an exraordinary meeting of the members of Tunbridge Wells Foresters FC last night it was agreed that they would strengthen their links with Kentish Observer League club Tunbridge Wells.

The committee of Tunbridge Wells had already voted unanimously to the same end.

The first major benefit for the Wells will be the restoration of youth football with effect from next season.

Not only will their under 18 side be restored but it will also see the introduction of a new under 16 section.

The longer term plan is that players will play under the name of Tunbridge Wells Foresters until they reach the under 12s, when they will begin to play under the name of Tunbridge Wells FC.

A statement issued on www.tunbridgewellsfc.co.uk said: "
Foresters are very keen that their players have tangible links with a senior football club and are able to progress through the ranks and represent their home town at the highest level possible.

"Foresters have a very successful history of developing players from the age of five, and their well qualified and committed youth coaches will work closely with our own coaching team to ensure successful transitions forplayers through the system.

"For our part we welcome closer links which will also see the facilities (not the often maligned pitch) at Culverden used as an HQ for Foresters whilst the two clubs work together to develop a mutually held ambition of a footballing centre of excellence within the town."

More information about Tunbridge Wells Foresters FC can be found at www.forestersfc.cm