VCD Athletic boss Keith McMahon: It’s not the referees' fault, they’re not going to get any better because The FA don’t do anything!

Sunday 27th January 2019

VCD ATHLETIC manager Keith McMahon has challenged The Football Association to improve the performances of their match officials in the Isthmian League.

McMahon spoke following a controversial 2-2 home draw against fellow Bostik South East Division play-off challengers Hythe Town on Saturday.

Referee Alexander Bradley and senior assistant Stephen Matthews made many mistakes during an entertaining game at Oakwood and were clearly not up to the required standards for this level.

McMahon has already made his feelings known on this subject in an internet show he co-hosts on the Isthmian League and demands that The Football Association do more to support their match officials at this level of the game.

“I would like to see them pay some money,” said a clearly furious McMahon.

“There should be some Academy, they need to do training.  The FA need to stick a million pound in to every county FA, which is peanuts.

“Get some youngsters, like they do at our football academies with the kids and bring youngsters through in game situations.  Make them full-time and pay them a decent wage.

“I feel sorry for these lads. I’m moaning at The FA not them.  Pay peanuts, get monkeys.  If you pay more peanuts, you get bigger monkeys at the moment and that’s exactly what we’ve got at the moment. We’ve got a load of monkeys because they’re not good enough!

“It’s not the referee’s fault, they’re not going to get any better because The FA don’t do anything!

“I was having an argument over Twitter with a referee. If one of our players ain’t doing well, you train them, you coach them, you leave them out.  These poor refs just get thrown into another game! What is that doing for them?  They need to be taught, help them!

“They do cost you but I’m going to get the same next week and the week after and the week after.

“I’m the only one who speaks out.  Call me in, The FA, ban me, but what I will do, I will tell them what they need to do and I will tell The FA, they’re rubbish!”

VCD Athletic are in seventh-place in the table with 35 points from 22 games - three points adrift of the play-off zone.