Tunbridge Wells chairman Clive Maynard offered to resign following management fiasco

Thursday 02nd July 2015

TUNBRIDGE WELLS chairman Clive Maynard has revealed that he offered his resignation last night.

The club are still without a manager following Martin Larkin’s surprise resignation through a change in his work circumstances on 21 June 2015.

Mr Maynard published a statement on the club’s website on Tuesday to confirm that former Redhill manager Mike Maher has taken charge of the club, but the following day, Maher insisted that he never accepted the job and was appointed head coach at league rivals Cray Valley to work alongside manager Paul Gross yesterday afternoon.

It appeared from Mr Maynard’s statement that Maher was in charge of Tunbridge Wells for around 23 hours – but this is now not the case and he was never accepted the job at Culverden Stadium.

Budget cuts have forced three players to leave Culverden Stadium with striker Brendon Cass taking up a player-coach role at Southern Counties East Football League rivals Erith & Belvedere and striker Paul Booth signing for Ashford United.

Winger Jake Beecroft, 26, has this week signed for Ryman League Division One South club Sittingbourne.

The Tunbridge Wells chairman issued a statement on the club’s website www.tunbridgewellsfc.com earlier today.

Martin's resignation has created more than just a vacancy, it has caused uncertainty amongst the players, pressure for the Board and judging by what I see on social media anger towards the board from the fans,” said Mr Maynard.

“I think it is worthwhile taking a quick look at what has happened during the close season; The Board, in my opinion, acted decisively and appointed Martin Larkin to manage the team for the 2015/2016 season. This was not universally popular but the decision was made and wasn't going to be changed regardless of supporter opinion.

“Martin Larkin resigns.

“Annual General Meeting, update given to the members. Board re-appointed unopposed.

“Manager (Mike Maher) appointed, update given to the members, regrettably the appointee decided that he would join another club.

“If there was a mistake made it was by me for posting the Club Statement on the website too early. For this I can only apologise.

“The Board has been working extremely hard to appoint a manager and I am saddened to see some of the comments on social media about their competence. Under the club constitution it is the members’ prerogative to call an extraordinary general meeting and deselect the Board. This should be done in writing to the Secretary.

“On a personal note I offered my resignation to the Board (Wednesday) evening but this was unanimously rejected.

“To give you an idea of the dedication of the Board, since I returned from holiday (now eleven) days ago we have met at the Club every single day. All of the Board have full time jobs and it is probably fair to say that each and every member of the Board has been working a minimum of twelve hours a day to try to plug the gap left by Martin's resignation.

“Everything in life works better together, in times of adversity what we need is unity. Team Tunbridge Wells is about you our magnificent fans, our volunteers who turn up every week and make the Culverden experience better for us all. The Management Team, the players, the ground staff, the cleaners, the bar staff, the board and lastly I as Chairman, all of whom work tremendously hard to make us a better Club.

“So let's remember our strengths, understand our weaknesses and work together to drive this club forward.

“I hope I have always been honest with you and if our members wish me to continue as Chairman I will do so, continuing to serve this great club with commitment, enthusiasm and drive.

“I have explained to you the correct process to remove the Board, the choice is now with you.

“In the meantime, remember that each and everyone on the Board has a family, it is not correct or fair to see their loved one's subjected to the level of abuse that has been broadcast over the social media sights.

“The members of Board do not get paid, they deal with Tunbridge Wells Borough Council, tax authorities, day to day business, project manage, serve behind the bar, clean the Clubhouse and the toilets, attend League Meetings and hold down full time jobs.

“My message to you is we don't expect thanks nor do we want money, in fact it probably costs each and every member of the Board money to serve the Club on behalf of the Membership. So please for the good of the Club let us work together for Team Tunbridge Wells.

“I hope to be able to give another update by Friday of this week.

“We can be bigger, better, faster, fitter and stronger as a Team and only as a Team.”

Visit Tunbridge Wells’ website: www.tunbridgewellsfc.com