Stones explain Hiscock's new role

Tuesday 11th July 2006
Maidstone United Football Club today confirmed that Chris Hiscock would be stepping down from his position as first team coach and taking up a new role as chief scout for this coming season.

The club’s management made the decision with the full support of the Board of Directors, following a conversation with Hiscock over his recent Football Association ban.

Commenting on the ban, Chris Hiscock said in a statement: “
In 2003 I was found guilty of a drug related offence, which was totally out of character and something I deeply regret.

”Unfortunately for me the FA dictate that anyone with a drug related conviction received in the last five years would be banned from any football involving under 18 players. The ban will be reviewed in two years time.

It would be impossible for me to work in a coaching capacity with any senior side until the ban is lifted, because whenever a youth player was either brought to training or selected to play in the first team, under the present laws I would not be able to be involved.

Chairman Paul Bowden-Brown added: "We were fully aware of Chris’ background when he joined the club and as far as his new role with us is concerned, he will continue to enjoy the full confidence of the Board of Directors.

”His record h
ere at the club speaks for itself and we know that he will do an excellent job of work, not only scouting the opposition, but by bringing new players to the club and in that way, while serving his ban will contribute to further success on the field.”

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