Sevenoaks upset with Bengal's "great provocation"

Monday 09th January 2006
Sevenoaks Town might have won their first away game of the season with a 1-0 win at Sporting Bengal on Saturday - but they weren't very pleased with the antics of the home players.

Sevenoaks appeared to have broken the deadlock late in the first half when Joe Berry slipped a through ball along the ground and James Short timed his run perfectly and was just about to pull the trigger when he was crunched to the ground by a desperate last defender.

The referee awarded the penalty and the home team erupted.  Kris Hollidge, having waited what must have seemed an eternity to take the kick, was unlucky to catch his foot on a divot and the keeper pulled off a jubilent, scrambled save.

Bengal's composure had now gone completely, and their panicky defence had other idea's and when Luke Wallard was sent flying in midair whilst trying to meet another Ryan Hackett cross a second penalty was inevitable. 

Short stepped up to take this kick, and calmly drilled the ball straight at the diving keeper.  This time, however, the keeper didn't manage a proper contact with the ball and Short had the composure to tap home the rebound.

Sevenoaks commendably kept their composure despite the atempts of the home players to itimidate individual players into rash retaliation for some of the antics being employed, whether the ball was in the vicinty or not.

This was a outstanding professional performance by Sevenoaks Town under great provocation in circumstances hopefully unique in senior football.

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