Erith & Belvedere assistant manager quits football after hearing hurtful racist abuse aimed at his players from a ground steward

Tuesday 12th November 2019

ERITH & BELVEDERE assistant manager and goalkeeper coach Brian Vanderhook has decided to quit football after his players were subject to racist abuse at a game in Gillingham at the weekend.


Hollands & Blair beat Erith & Belvedere 7-1 at Star Meadow, Darland Avenue in the Southern Counties East Football League Premier Division, where a steward was the culprit in a sickening and disgusting racist attack.

A statement from the club said: “Erith & Belvedere are saddened to announce that Brian Vanderhook has decided to quit football stating that he can no longer be part of football due to the racist remarks directed at the Deres players from a ground steward on Saturday.

“To be fair to the opposition they identified the steward immediately and said they will deal with it. The assistant chairman did apologise but unfortunately his excuse wasn’t great.

“The last game of 2019 every football team should wear a black armband in demonstration saying RIP to racism.  We will not allow our beautiful game to be poisoned.”

Vanderhook appreciated the messages of support over the past couple of days and said he will respond to them.

He added: “Special mention to Micky Cooper, Owen Jones and all at Erith & Belvedere, the club I love.

“I move on with special memories but the upset and the hurt is there.”

A statement from Hollands & Blair said: “It is with regret that we have had a situation where someone from our club made a racial comment to an Erith & Belvedere player towards the end of Saturday's league match.

“Hollands & Blair FC has given both verbal and written apologies to Erith & Belvedere and the person in question has given a face to face apology to the player straight after the game which was graciously accepted.

“We realise that it affects more than just the player and we would like it placed on record that we sincerely regret this incident and apologise to anyone upset by this and we are in the process of dealing with the situation at board level.

“Finally we do not condone any racial abuse for whatever reason and we will ensure, through education, to keep a zero tolerance stance on this serious matter.”

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! This is the second incident of racist abuse during a Southern Counties East Football League Premier Division game this season and it’s time for action, points deductions and arrests for culprits who tarnish the beautiful game with their unwanted racist views from the terraces.