New Fleet ground "ideally within three years"

Sunday 22nd January 2006
Nationwide Conference club Gravesend & Northfleet could move to a new stadium, “ideally within three years,” according to their chairman Brian Kilcullen.

Writing in his programme notes for their game against Canvey Island on Friday night, he said: ”Talks on a new stadium continue apace and remain very positive.

"We believe it is now a case of when we play at a new ground, rather than if we do," he said.

"Our aim is to do that as soon as possible and ideally within three years.

“However, these things are not straightforward and if it takes longer to get the right stadium in the right place then we will have to wait.

”We have some sites we have identified and are following up their feasibility as well as talking to potential development partners.

”In the meantime, our newly-negotiated 20-year lease on Stonebridge Road gives the club security and our landlords are happy for us to terminate the lease once we are in a position to move.”

Meanwhile, Mr Kilcullen gave an update on “The Northfleet End”, which remains closed although fans are allowed to stand at the front but they’re open to the elements.

”The Northfleet End saga continues but we are close to getting the final design and quotes in that we need to submit to the Football Foundation in order to start the work,” he said.

”I would love to give you a date but we have had so many problems I do not want to tempt fate.

”The approvals required plus the design and safety issues that have been involved and the time it has taken to find a solution has been a real negative this season.

”We apologise for the affect this has had on the fans but, like the players, all we can do is our best and we have done so.”