We’ll work with pride and passion and hopefully achieve something that the local community and the football community can be proud off, says Margate's new vice-chairman, an orthopaedic knee surgeon

Wednesday 04th January 2017

MARGATE chairman Alistair Bayliss has appointed an orthopaedic knee surgeon as his vice-chairman.

The struggling Vanarama National League South club have announced that Parminder Jit Singh Jeer has joined the board at Hartsdown Park.

“Very excited, it’s a great honour to be a part of this club and to keep the club move forwards,” said the new arrival, more commonly known as Chan Jeer.

“I’ve known Alistair a long time and I’m confident that working with him we can create some great stuff here.  We’ll work with pride and passion and hopefully achieve something that the local community and the football community can be proud off,” he said during an audio interview published on www.margate-fc.co.uk.

“Although I love sport, I’m a knee surgeon and I love orthopaedics and putting people’s knees back together.  Primarily, this is about football and working with the local community to create something that’s going to be special.

“I live locally, I work locally, I treat people locally and this is what Margate’s about I think, football and creating something that’s going to move forward.”

Back-to-back defeats to Welling United leaves Margate in the bottom two in the league table and will plummet to the foot off the table if they lose at home to Bishop’s Stortford on Saturday.

Mr Bayliss also said in the club website interview that he is delighted with the addition.

“Chan and I have been friends for a long time but this has been something that I have been working on for quite a few weeks now,” said Mr Bayliss, a coach operator.

“I believe that he will be a fantastic addition to the football club and the club in the wider community will experience with his experience and life skills.  I’m thrilled and privileged that he’s come in as my vice-chairman.

“In Chan’s industry as an orthopaedic knee surgeon the community is his life and he’s absolutely right to be excited about that because that’s one of the major things that we want to do here at the football club is engage with the community, engage with our youth section, which are all areas that we’re working very hard on.

“We can put a proper structure in the football club, we’ll have our monthly proper board meetings and we’ll have much more clarity and much more of a structure and a direction so to start 2017 off with this news, it’s absolutely fabulous.

“I said I’ll be judged on the people I bring in.  I’d like to think that the people that I have already brought in will make a very, very positive contribution – a lot of good brains in life, football and business. It really is exciting.”

Visit Margate’s website: www.margate-fc.co.uk