We've got a good chance of doing well this season, says Farnborough Old Boys Guild manager Andy Giles

Sunday 31st July 2016

FARNBOROUGH OLD BOYS GUILD newly-appointed manager Andy Giles says his side have a good chance of doing well this season.

The club clinched the Kent County League Division One West title last season to win promotion to the Andreas Carter Joma Kent County League Premier Division and open their campaign with a trip to Guru Nanak on 13 August.

Giles has taken over from title-winning pair Luke Johnson and Matt Ellis and lost a pre-season friendly 4-0 at Fisher in front of 114 fans at Fisher’s new St Pauls Stadium in Rotherhithe yesterday.

“I’ve been left with a fantastic group of players’ by the previous management,” said Giles.

“We’ve had to do a lot of dressing room works and a lot of players have put in their time and we’ve had a lot of generous sponsors and the club are extremely grateful for all of that.

“As for the season ahead last season the club played about three or four teams from the Premier Division and I believe only lost one and that was either in extra-time or on penalties, I’m not sure.

“I think we’ve got a good chance of doing well this season. We’ve got a fantastic group of players and we’re optimistic.”

Giles takes his side to Gravesend to tackle Guru Nanak, who are now managed by Paul McDonagh, who has coached a number of non-league clubs higher up the pyramid.

“They’ve got a new manager as well, I think he’ll have them organised.  Hopefully we’ll come away with three points.

“I think firstly, we want to establish ourselves. I don’t see any reason why with this group of players we can’t be top four, top five, so that’s got to be the aim.”

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