Editor's statement

Tuesday 07th March 2006

It has always been my stance to write articles that are correct and supportive of Kent football and all of its clubs.

However, following my articles last week, it is very clear that I have caused offence at Bromley Football Club, and would like to offer my sincere apologies.

The articles in question were, however, correct and no malice was intended.

Having helped the club improve its image within the media for at least three years without any financial gain, and supported it since 1989, I feel their reaction is political rather than about football.

Certain people have waited for an opportunity to pounce on me at any opportunity and feel this is a way to curb my ambition and drive.

My website has obtained a good reputation and provides an excellent service – all without financial gain but thanks to hard graft.

I feel the club’s reaction (see their statement below) is petty as I was only reporting on a TRUE news story and would like to call upon them to reconsider their views and allow me to cover games at Hayes Lane

The full statement, issued by Colin Russell, the club’s secretary, said:
”I notice at the end of your recent EXCLUSIVE interview that you state Mark Goldberg will be speaking to your website next season.  That is not the case.

”All media requests will be handled by the club.  If you have any questions for Mark please email them to me at the club for consideration.

”I have also been asked by Jerry Dolke (the club’s chairman) to inform you that you are no longer welcome at Hayes Lane at any time.  This includes any Cray Wanderers fixtures as well as those of Bromley Football Club.”

If the club issued their own statement about the managerial changes before this website broke the news, then all of this would have been avoided.

I would like to add every other club I visit (including Cray Wanderers) are very welcoming and I intend to continue providing you with an excellent service.

I look forward to receiving your feedback on this matter.

Stephen McCartney

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