Dartford legends plan to scale new heights to raise funds for Adam Flanagan's chosen charity

Thursday 28th April 2022

DARTFORD legends are planning to climb Mount Snowdown on 7 May to raise money for charity.

Elliot Bradbrook, Lee Burns, Jamie Coyle, Tony Kessell, Lee Noble, Alex O’Brien, Tommy Osborne, Rob Haworth, Ryan Hayes, Andy Young and Adam Flanagan are off to climb the highest mountain in Wales.

The aim is to raise as much money and support Flanagan’s selected charity, Winston’s Wish.

The Billericay-based former Dartford defender and joint-manager has already raised £1,902 online.

Winston’s Wish offer support to children who have lost a sibling or parent.  Annually, the charity helps around 18,000 children going through a tough time each year.

This charity is close to Flanagan, whose brother died unexpectedly in March, aged 38, leaving behind a three-year old son.

“The players have kept in touch over the years and now they will come together to raise money for a truly great cause,” said Flanagan.

“We hope that the non-league community will come together and support us to see where we can take the fundraising target level.

“Having played non-league football, we have got to meet some great home fans and many opposition ones from whom we have enjoyed getting stick from.  Hopefully, this is something that can be everyone can get behind.”

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