Too many players aren't committed enough, says former Crockenhill boss Liam Kelly

Thursday 11th February 2016

LIAM KELLY says he feels let down by players that were not committed enough during his time in charge of Crockenhill.

Kelly announced his decision to step down last Monday, after taking charge of 25 games for the Wested Meadow outfit.

Kelly’s assistant John Bourke takes charge for Saturday’s home game against ninth-placed Bridon Ropes with The Crocks sitting in sixteenth-place (bottom five) in the Pain & Glory Sports Kent Invicta League table.

Crockenhill had won six and drawn six of their 23 league games but are expected to be demoted to the Kent County League next season due to failing ground grading criteria (not having floodlights) at Wested Meadow.

“Firstly Crockenhill is a great club to be part of. It’s rich in history and full of nostalgia,” said Kelly.

“Just because I have stepped down as manager doesn’t mean I’ve left the Crocks or in any way have any grievances with the club.

“I have taken the back foot and left John Bourke, one of my closest friends, in sole charge.

“The timing of my stepping down is frustrating and has nothing to do with the club or committee but predominately to do with personal issues.

“My family need me at this current time and whilst I have been frustrated with the on-field situation it was only a small factor in the decision.

“I believe Crockenhill FC are in a better situation from when John and I took the team and our work is not finished, just my work in the current capacity has stopped for now.

“The club has an excellent squad now with the majority committed to the cause. It's difficult to keep and attract players but the nucleus are really great guys.

“In truth I felt let down by a few players this season. Ones I've stood up for despite their critics and average performances but it's difficult to keep a full squad happy as you get those weeks where you have to travel to Bearsted with 11 players, three of which are keepers or to Lydd with 12 and so many missing, especially as maybe one is sitting at home with the hump as he was on the bench the week before or because other clubs are entertaining my registered players at their training sessions etc etc..

“Too many players aren't committed enough. John and I ensure nobody has to pay anything except their bus fare to games.

“We put in 100% but only get that back from 75%. The teams that go well are the teams that either have a budget or where every player gives 100% of themselves to the club. That's what Crockenhill needs.

“I look forward to watching Saturday's game vs Bridon from the stand of the turnstile with my daughter beside me hopefully cheering on the red and white of the Crocks. But hopefully it will be more enjoyable from the other side of the barrier.

“Of course John cannot do the job alone so is currently looking for an experienced person to step beside him in his pursuit of pushing the crocks upwards.”

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Crockenhill  v  Bridon Ropes
Pain & Glory Sports Kent Invicta League
Saturday 13th February 2016
Kick Off 2:00pm
At Wested Meadow, Eynsford Road, Crockenhill, Kent BR8 8EJ