Cray Wanderers chairman Gary Hillman wins battle to bring the club back home

Monday 26th November 2018

CRAY WANDERERS chairman Gary Hillman has received the news that he has been waiting for – he has won his battle to bring the club back home.

The Greater London Authority and London Mayor Sadiq Khan passed Mr Hillman’s plans to build a football stadium at Flamingo Park on the A20 in Sidcup this afternoon.

Cray Wanderers have won their battle to build a new stadium at Flamingo Park.

The club have not played at their own ground since 1973, when they lost their Grassmeade ground.

Since then, Cray Wanderers have hired grounds at Oxford Road in Sidcup and Hayes Lane in Bromley - but Mr Hillman has won his long battle to secure a home for his beloved club.

Mr Hillman broke the excellent news over Twitter:

“Just had the best phone call ever, football’s coming home! The GLA have approved Flamingo Park planning! Homeless since 1973 and now it’s coming home!!”

A club statement said: “This is tremendous news for everyone involved with for everyone involved with Cray Wanderers and everyone involved with the Flamingo Park project against often delays and having to start all over again and other ground projects in the past which never came to pass.

“Congratulations Gary and a dream of getting Cray home is to be realised.”

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