Cray Wanderers Stadium: Cray Wanderers urge Mayor Khan to champion the scheme - If the new ground is not approved, it may threatened the clubs very existence

Monday 22nd October 2018

LONDON MAYOR Sadiq Khan will face more severe criticism if he fails to rubberstamp Cray Wanderers new stadium at Flamingo Park next month.

A lap dancing club has controversially opened inside the four-story nightclub building on the site this month and the Mayor will be a laughing stock if he allows an establishment such as that to trade instead of a football club which will benefit its local community and get kids off the street and help them to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

The Mayor has one final big decision to make.

He can decline the stadium – and play his part in calling time on a 158-year-old football club, which is the oldest in London and the second oldest in the world.

Or he can give the project the go-ahead and allow the Isthmian League club a chance to build its own stadium and benefit the local community in Sidcup.

So Mr Khan – the Mayor who has overseen the largest rates of knife crime on the streets of London during his tenure – what is it going to be?

Cray Wanderers chairman Gary Hillman has spent an awful lot of time, effort and money and he will continue his lengthy battle to bring the club a home of their own.

He said: “Cray Wanderers – London’s oldest football club - are pleased to announce their Planning Application to build a new home ground at Flamingo Park has been approved by Bromley Council and referred to Mayor Sadiq Khan, who will now be responsible for deciding its fate.

“Cray Wanderers Football Club have consulted extensively with Bromley Council, local residents and the GLA (Greater London Authority) over the last four years to provide the club, its 14 teams and community scheme with a home ground.

“If the new ground is not approved, it may threatened the clubs very existence, due to the end of a ground sharing arrangement.

“Overall support for the club’s plans have been overwhelming across all political parties and Mayor Khan is now faced with the decision to approve the plans, or allow the current landlord to continue trading with unauthorised uses for waste disposal, disruptive boot fairs and a new licenced lap dancing club, without any provision of community or sporting facility, which is the site’s legal use.

“Cray Wanderers Football Club urge Mayor Khan, within his 14 day referral period, to champion the scheme that will provide eight sporting pitches, a stadium and a purpose built community hub, to benefit sports fans of all ages into the future.”

The club have played their home games at Hayes Lane in Bromley since 1999 and obtained over 1,000 letters of support from local residents for Flamingo Park to become a community hub and not a lap dancing club!

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