Bromley scoop £6,000 windfall for television debut but visitors Altrincham are left out of pocket

Thursday 12th November 2015

ALTRINCHAM bosses have hit out at the “unfair” distribution of television revenue after revealing Saturday’s appearance before the Live BT Sport cameras will leave the club thousands of pounds out of pocket.

For the second season running, Altrincham have been selected as the away team for live TV coverage, as Bromley make their live television debut at Hayes Lane on Saturday lunchtime (12:30pm).

The early start has forced the club to fork out for overnight accommodation and other additional running costs that will far outweigh the £1,000 fee they receive as the away side.

Despite live TV coverage of FA Cup second-round ties netting participants a £72,000 windfall each, BT Sport pay just £7,000 for Vanarama National League games, with £6,000 going to the home team, according to Altrincham’s website.

“It was Welling last time, and now, for the second season running, we’ve been asked to travel to one of the furthest venues on the fixture list and all for the princely sum of £1,000,” Altrincham chairman Grahame Rowley told

“The cost of hotels, meals and an additional day’s travel will cost the club approximately £3,500, so where is the justice in the distribution of TV funding?

“We all want to be showcased on TV but it can't be right that it financially impinges on participating clubs.

“I will be taking it up with Conference bosses at the annual meeting and I hope to rally the support of other clubs who have suffered the same injustice.'

Manager Lee Sinnott was just as aggrieved at effectively having to pay £2,500 for the privilege of appearing on television.

“Good for Bromley, having the cameras at their place but I can’t figure out for the life of me why we have not had the same,” he said.

“It is an expense for the supporters and ourselves and we both have budgets to try to keep to.

“By the time we head back, it will have cost us five grand to fulfill the Welling and Bromley fixtures and anyone who thinks that is chickenfeed has no understanding of the value of money.

“Each time we are the away team, it's costing us £2,500, because, under normal circumstances, we would travel down on the day. It's a big thing for us. We have to cut our cloth accordingly and be careful with expenditure. Last season, for instance, we travelled down to Torquay on the day.

“So it begs the question about a divi up between the home and away teams, because five grand is a lot of money for a club like us to lose.

“When you've got people working really hard on a voluntary basis to keep the club ticking over and bring sponsorship in, it is galling to see five grand going out unnecessarily.

“This is our second season in this division, and we have yet to have a home game on TV. People don't seem to consider that, like other clubs, we have advertising boards to sell and sponsors who want to be seen on TV and are more likely to come back again next season if they are.

“I can understand why TV go for the big clubs most of the time, but it is about fairness. There are 24 teams in this league, not just a select few, so how about fairness and equality for all. It's about time.”

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