Mark Murison leaves Bridon Ropes: My resignation is due to myself relocating with my family

Friday 20th October 2017

MARK MURISON takes charge of Bridon Ropes for the final time tomorrow.


The Charlton-based club travel to Tooting Bec in the London Senior Trophy First Round – which will be Murison’s last game in charge of the amatur outfit.

Bridon Ropes are in sixth-place in the Southern Counties East Football League First Division table, with a playing record of six wins and a draw from their 12 league outings, nine points adrift of league leaders K Sports.

"Firstly, I would like to make it clear that there is no exciting story or falling out,” said Murison.

“My resignation is due to myself relocating with my family. Due to this I am unable to continue my role, after this Saturday's game, as manager of Bridon Ropes and in fact be involved in football in the Southern Counties area all together.

“I actually resigned after our game against Wick in the FA Vase in September but have worked with the club in last six weeks on the transition from my management to the new management team to avoid a panic decision being made.

“I am sad to be leaving Bridon Ropes and the project my coaching team and I started two years ago.

“I am, however, happy with the progress made on and off the pitch over that time. We have worked hard on all areas of the club and I am sad to be leaving when I feel we have a group of players that are very close to competing for promotion but I am hopeful this will still remain a possibility when I leave. 

“I want to thank everyone at Bridon with a special thank you to Clive and Theresa who have been fantastic since I have been at the club and they are all a great bunch of people who have the club at heart with every decision that is made. They are doing it the right way by progressing in manageable steps.

“For the last two years we have had to charge players to play. This year they found a way to make it free for the first team to help progress the club. They are not just throwing money at it and nor should they.

“I would also like to thank my management/coaching team who have worked hard and committed a lot of time to support the club. With a special thanks to Scott Taylor who has been with me from day one and I am happy will remain within the club (as assistant manager) when I leave.

“Lastly and always by far not least to all the players, past and present, that has helped the club be very competitive and progressed the club even when paying money to train and play. Some players have been with me from the start and I thank you for your loyalty, especially ones that have been offered money to leave and have stayed put. 

“I have enjoyed my first management job with Bridon and I have not only seen the progress of the club but the progress of myself as a manager and a coach which I will be able to take into any future roles I take on. 

“I will watch the progress of Bridon and keep up to date with the league as a whole from a far".

Bridon Ropes have appointed Jimmy Doherty as Murison’s replacement, taking charge for the first time against Holmesdale in the League on 28 October.