Danny Hill steps down as Belvedere manager to take over as chairman due to work commitments

Monday 06th April 2020

BELVEDERE have announced some key changes at the club due to work commitments.

The Abbey Wood based outfit were in eighth-place out of 13 sides in the Kent County League Division One West table at the time of the League’s suspension owing to the coronavirus crisis.

Danny Hill has stepped down from managing the side after two years at the helm and has taken over as the chairman of the Woolwich Road side.

“Pleased to announce that Tony Alliband will take over Belvedere first-team affairs from today,” said Hill.

“This will allow me to take the vacant chairman’s position and help build the club from the ground upwards.

“It’s been great being back in management for the last two seasons.

“This move will allow someone with more time to commit to the training evenings and games every Saturday, which I cannot now do due to work.

“I know Tony will do a good job as I’ve seen him in action since September when he joined the club and played a massive role in this last season.”

Belvedere played 17 of their 24 league games and collected six league wins and four draws before their records were expunged by The Football Association.