Peckham Town to have their special day as London FA honour 2019-20 Cup Finals

Thursday 09th April 2020

PECKHAM TOWN will still have a chance to win this season’s London Senior Trophy – after the London Football Association confirmed that all of their cup finals have not been cancelled.

“The London FA Cups and Competitions Committee would like to inform all that the 2020 London FA Cup Finals are not cancelled,” said a statement from the London FA.

“A review of how to proceed next will be decided in the coming weeks.

“We intend on honouring these cup finals, allowing our clubs to have their special day and the opportunity to compete for the London Cup trophy as long as it does not cause too much disruption for the start of the 2020-21 season.

“Further updates will be provided in due course as we intend to abide by Government restrictions and Public Health England’s guidance and directives.”

Peckham Town were due to play AFC Cubo in the London Senior Trophy Final at Bayliss Avenue in Thamesmead on Tuesday 31 March 2020 but was postponed after football was suspended due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Peckham Town’s Kent County League results – where they were at the bottom of the Premier Division table - were declared null and void and records expunged.

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