Tuesday 19th July 2005

Deal Town want to coin it in for new clubhouse appeal



The Supporters Club at Kentish Observer League side Deal Town have just launched a new competition called "Bin it to win it," writes Stephen McCartney.

Participants write their names and telephone number on a round sticker then stick it to a one pound coin.

The coin with the sticker then goes into a wheely bin.

When the bin is full, which the club estimates will be next year, a pound coin will be drawn at random and the person whose name is on the sticker will win a small bucket full of pound coins.

The new competition is hoped to raise a lot of money for Deal Town's clubhouse appeal, which has currently raised over £15,000.

To join this competition please send a pound coin along with your name and telephone number to Bob Chivington, 50 Birdwood Avenue, Deal, Kent CT14 9SF.

Please mention you read this article on www.kentishfootball.co.uk

He will then put your name and telephone number onto a sticker and onto the coin and place it into the wheely bin.

"You have as much chance as anybody else," he said.

Plans for the new clubhouse can be seen inside the existing clubhouse at their Charles Sports Ground.

The Supporters Club are trying to raise as much money as possible to ensure these plans go ahead.

Mr Chivington is also accepting donations and fans can purchase products from the club shop, which  can also be done online on their website:   www.dealkent.tripod.com/dealtownfc

And the supporters club are running schemes such as the 100 club, supporters club membership and are staging social events inside the existing clubhouse to raise money for the fund.

Details can be found on their website.

Meanwhile, Deal Town will be celebrating their century in 2008.

To commemorate this prestigious event the supporters club hope to compile a book containing information about the football club's past achievements.

In 2000 Deal Town, managed by Tommy Sampson, whose now coaching at Sussex League side Horsham YMCA, became the only Kent side to win the FA Vase, when Roly Graham's strike helped them beat Chippenham Town at Wembley Stadium.

Committee member Danny Philpott is currently compiling this information but needs more help.

"If you know anybody with any information what so ever please could you contact the supporters club," he said.

"What ever information you have it would be gratefully received.  Any information you send will be returned."