Tuesday 16th November 2004

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Relegation is not an option - Angels chairman

TONBRIDGE ANGELS chairman Paul Dainty has discussed Saturday's defeat against Wealdstone and clarified some issues surrounding the Longmead Stadium club, writes Stephen McCartney.

He told the club's website: "I have to say that I was shocked by our performance on Saturday.

"Tony (Dolby) and I talked for about two hours about what we need to do.

"I can assure all supporters that Tony and I have a long term plan for the club and relegation is definitely not an option.

"We absolutely agree that we are a far better team than our performances are showing currently and that we need at least two new signings urgently.

"We have been looking at several players and holding out for players who would give us the right balance but now the position is getting far more urgent - we need to act!

"I believe that defensively we look sound but creativity we are weak.

"Tony and Mike (Rutherford) work many hours for the club between matches looking for players and I am very positive that we will get things sorted on the pitch."

Dainty, however, clarified his position at the Ryman League Premier Division Club after rumours circulated around the club after the youth chairman resigned from his position.

He said: "A rumour started when the chairman of our youth section Mick Spencely regretfully resigned from his position.

"This circulated into a rumour that I had resigned which of course was not true.

Dainty, however, pointed out the club are struggling on a low playing budget and he will happily step aside if someone else can come in and take the club forward.

He announced: "However, I have made it very clear to Tony (Dolby) previously that should someone come into the club with the resources to take the club forward and this was in the best interests of the club then I would step aside."

"Tony and I have a brilliant working relationship but I am a realist and whilst Robin (Apps) and myself have got this club out of the £28,000 debut we were in at the end of last season through prudent budgeting and cost cutting, we have no working capital hence as small a playing budget you could possibly have at this level.

"Until that time when a successor is found then I will continue making decisions for the club and hopefully moving forward.

"As a supporter as well, I feel the emotions like everyone else.  My weekend was ruined after our performance but I look forward to our next match, hoping for the three points that will give us all the boost we need now."