Thursday 15th September 2005

Baldacchino plans revenge


The former assistant manager of Kentish Observer League side Erith & Belvedere has reacted angrily to reports after leaving the club earlier this month, writes Stephen McCartney.

Reports claim Wayne Baldacchino along with coaches Ray Bagnell and Trevor Cross resigned without reason to be replaced by club captain Luke Morrish as the new number two and younger brother Adam, coming in as coach.

"The club has not given any actual reasons for me leaving along with Ray and Trevor," an angry Baldacchino said in an EXCLUSIVE interview with www.kentishfootball.co.uk

"It looks as though we are quitters and were not up for the job, which is a long way off the mark," he fumed.

"I am not one to put the boot in as I spent four good years with the club, but I do feel badly let down by them.

"Does it not look slightly suspicious when not one or two members of a management team leave but three all at the same time!"

Baldacchino continued: "There were some real serious issues we were not happy with and were not prepared to stand by and accept them as a matter of principal.

"We feel let down because we put so much time and effort into the place and were treated unfairly," he claims.

"Nobody from the club wished any of us well, no phone call, no handshake, nothing."

After two reserve titles and winning clubman of the year last season, Baldacchino feels bitter after being forced to leave the excellent young crop of players behind.

Chris Dickson, Tom Maycock, Tony Dakin, Gary Cook, Edwin Mante, Sam Frsikey, Lee Sugden, Sam Whittington, Peter Maycock and Ricky Hardie were all signed by Baldacchino as youth or reserve team players and "it has been a big wrench to leave them all behind," he adds.

Baldacchino revealed he has had two meetings with other Kentish Observer Premier League clubs and hopes to be back in action soon.

"It may mean dropping back to under 18s or reserve team again, but that does not worry me, as I am quite prepared to step back and be patient," he said.

"Myself and Ray are itching to get back involved and do what we can for our new club ready for when we play against Erith & Belvedere.

"We have all the inside information we need to try and have a good go at them when the match arrives, and I am really looking forward to it.

"At the moment though, I am not in the position to name names, but watch this space as it will not be long before we are back in the thick of it."

Deal Town v Erith & Belvedere
Kentish Observer League
Saturday 17th September 2005
Kick Off 3:00pm
at Deal Electrical Stadium, St Leonards Road, Deal