Sunday 29th June 2003

Conference television deal will provide clubs extra income

From next season supporters will be able to watch ten minute highlights of every game played in the Nationwide Conference on a new Conference Football broadband channel, “The Footballers Football Channel” report www.nonleaguedaily.com

Subscribers will also be able to watch new programmes, interviews and special features with a total of about three hours of new content every week.  This is a subscription channel and will have content 12 months of the year starting at the end of July.

An annual subscription is £49.99, a six-month subscription is £29.99 and a one month subscription is £5.99.  One week subscription is £1.99.

All revenues are shared with the Conference who will then divide it up with the clubs in the league, so as well as giving fans the opportunity to watch ten minute highlights of every game played, it will also provide clubs with additional income.