Friday 11th July 2003

Margate forced to groundshare Dover for start of season
Nationwide Conference club Magate have announced that, due to unexpected delays in the  development of Hartsdown Park, they have been forced to apply to groundshare at Dover Athletic's Crabble ground for the start of next season.

Chairman Jim Parmenter commented: "Obviously this is a big blow but unfortunately it is caused by circumstances completely out of our control. We have had to ask the Conference for permission to make this move.

"This is a costly exercise for us and coupled with the fact that interim funding from the Joint Venture with Stadia Management has not yet been forthcoming as a result of the delay. It means that a huge financial burden is placed upon a couple of individuals.

"However we are grateful to our friends at Dover for agreeing this share and we will do everything possible to get us back to Hartsdown as quickly as possible.

"This is a critical time for Margate Football Club and we need all our supporters and the people of Thanet to get behind us and help us through this difficult phase.

"It is imperative that people make the effort to come to Crabble and watch these first games they are high profile and will be played during the good weather so we look forward to better gates than last season.

"I will make a further statement as soon as I am provided with a date for the return to Hartsdown Park by Stadia Management who are managing the project on behalf of the Joint Venture Company."