Sunday 30th October 2005

Kilcullen: We need more partners to push Fleet forward

Gravesend & Northfleet are actively seeking to strengthen their board and bring in additional investors to ensure there is no let up in their continued progression as a football club, reports www.gnfc.co.uk

The club has moved forward significantly over the last five years and now has reasonable expectations of promotion to the Football League.

The club has in recent years won promotion to the Conference League, improved the existing aged ground to the necessary criteria whilst at the same time putting in place plans to move to a new stadium, increased attendances threefold, gone full-time and acquired a training and leisure facility.

Chairman Brian Kilcullen commented: “Most Directors have faith in their club’s potential, and rightly so. However, we truly believe we are different to most football clubs in that we have a unique opportunity based on our location that enables us to both build and sustain a top club.

"We are in an area of great growth and development with an increasing population, substantial grant availability and strong support for the building of a new stadium from local, county and central government.

"We are financially sound and near enough debt-free. Going full-time and the recent acquisition of the training and leisure base were major steps forward for this club and, looking forward, there is great potential to improve the leisure facility.

"Most football clubs have a limit to how far they can go; we have the potential and the fan base to go much further. The foundations are in place, we now need more partners to work with us on pushing further ahead from here”.