We are struggling to put out a first team squad, admits Rusthall boss Gary Sharman

Friday 31st October 2014
RUSTHALL manager Gary Sharman has criticised his players’ for failing to turn up for training and matches.

The Rustics are in eleventh-place in the Pain & Glory Sports Kent Invicta League table with four wins, a draw and five league defeats.

They have lost four of their last five games and suffered a 4-1 defeat away to Bearsted last weekend and Sharman is concerned about the lack of interest from his first-team players.

“We have had a disappointing run over the past few weeks for many different reasons, no training facility being the main one,” said Sharman.

“However, with a training facility back in place training resumed last Wednesday evening and although numbers were low, a good session took place.

“We have also had player issues, not available because of work, injury or just not turning out for team-mates which is so very frustrating.

“We will not and cannot challenge in this league unless everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet and down at Rusthall that seems to be an on-going problem.

“We want to challenge every team we face and give them a good game win or lose, but when you struggle to make a bare eleven it will remain a difficult challenge.”

Rusthall are at home to Crockenhill, a side in the bottom four, tomorrow and Sharman is struggling to field a side.

He said: “We are struggling to put out a first team squad and will need to call on the reserves for assistance.

“Our keeper is out this week due to family commitments. We have arranged an alternative but again fitness may be an issue.

“We will, however, be in a better position than last week’s game away to Bearsted.

“We would like to thank the few players who do turn out week in week out, just need more of this from the rest of the squad!”

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Rusthall  v  Crockenhill
Pain & Glory Sports Kent Invicta League
Saturday 1st November 2014
Kick Off 2:00pm
at Jockey Farm, Nellington Road, Rusthall, Kent TN4 8SH