Supporters' Trust needs new officials

Sunday 21st May 2006

Due to a disappointing response to people putting in their nomination forms in, there are three spaces up for grabs on the Dover Athletic Football Club Supporters’ Trust board.

Two of those were already on the board and up for re-election. Simon Harris, Ritchie Hulks and Ashley Forecast were duly elected at the meeting on Saturday.

Due to the resignation of John Farringdon, treasurer Mark Winter and Paul Reeves stepping down as membership secretary (although Paul is going to continue on the Trust board) the Trust are urgently seeking new officials.

“We do have two very important Trust roles to be filled and also a new chairperson to be found,” said spokesperson Debbie Harrison.

“May I publically thank all for all they have done to keep the Trust running.

“The people that are currently “running” the Trust are running out of steam,” she said. “It is a thankless task but we all do it for the love of the club at the end of the day because we love having this club to support.

“However, I think the time has come for a few more people to come forward to help in the running of the Trust.

“It is no longer about what the Trust is doing for the club - but what are you doing to help the Trust?”

These decisions will be discussed and handed out at the next Trust meeting on Monday 5th June 2006 at 7:45pm.