Coronavirus Crisis: We will be there for these people that will need help, says Stevenage chairman Phil Wallace

Monday 16th March 2020

STEVENAGE chairman Phil Wallace says they are playing their part in their local community during the suspension of The English Football League until 3 April.

The Broadhall Way club are sitting bottom of the League Two table but all football clubs are the pillar of their local communities and Stevenage’s young footballers have been tasked with helping their most needy in the Hertfordshire town.

“We have always prided ourselves on being a community club and now it’s time to show what that means,” said Mr Wallace in a statement on his club website.

“Starting immediately, we will start to work on the logistics of obtaining details of folks that will need help. We have kitchens we are not using, we have young players that can’t play football and we have an army of youngsters that, if asked and organized properly, would be willing to help distribute meals and obtain supplies.

"I intend to work with CEO Alex Tunbridge to make this happen. To be honest, we have no idea how the club can survive for long whilst paying players and staff with no income, but some of these folks have nobody to help them and we will make sure we are there for them.

"If that means we cook food and prepare snacks, that is what we’ll do. If it is getting essential supplies to them, that is what we'll do. We will be there for these people and we would encourage all local businesses in the area to join with us. If we all work together, we can avoid serious hardship to people that need the most help."

The club have collected 22 points from their 36 games and are eight points adrift of safety with 10 league games left to play.

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