Robbins explains Hythe Town departure - EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

Wednesday 17th May 2006

Mike Robbins has explained his reasons for leaving Kentish Observer League side Hythe Town, writes Stephen McCartney.

The 33-year-old former Ashford Town reserve team coach has admitted his coaching style was “a little too similar” of that of manager Paul Fisk.

“I felt that Mr Fisk and myself were a little too similar in many ways but different in many others so as I had not been there too long, after considering my position, I decided to cut my ties,” he said.

However, the UEFA B and FA Level 3 Coach admitted he’s ambitious enough to progress in the game.

Robbins has coached at various levels of the game, including Gillingham, Barnstable Town, Tonbridge Angels and Ashford Town.

“I am still extremely ambitious perhaps now even more so and in a way I believe that my ambition possibly contributed to me leaving Hythe Town,” he said.

But he feels he has the ability to make an impact at any level of the game in this county.

“There is lots of restructuring going on in Kent football at present, so I believe that will throw up a few opportunities,” he said.

“Something that I had never considered is the Kent County League,” he revealed. “I would be very interested and also suited to running a Kent County League side on the field from top to bottom and hopefully guiding them to the Kentish Observer League - much in the same way that Terry Cordice has done at Faversham Town.

“I also feel that I would make an excellent assistant to a more senior manager or management team, so therefore I could learn from them. That is something I did with John Hore at Barnstable Town.

“That is something that I have missed over the past couple of seasons, bouncing ideas off of the main man. I am all about communication and I enjoy learning all the time.

“I am keen and enthusiastic in all aspects of the beautiful game and can’t wait to get back into it.

“I have not rued anything out at this stage. I may even return to youth football where I was an academy coach at Gillingham.

“I have circulated my CV and I’m starting to get a little response and so far they are all at different levels.”

Despite his short tenure at Reachfields Stadium as coach, Robbins thanked chairman Paul Markland for giving him a chance.

He said: “I would like to thank all at Hythe Town, especially Paul Markland, who gave me the opportunity in the first place to work in the Kentish Observer League and also the supporters who made me feel more than welcome at all their matches.”