Paul Barnes launches player support and performance programme

Tuesday 19th June 2018

PAUL BARNES has set-up a player support and performance programme to support non-league footballers.

Barnes, who parted company as the first team manager at Bostik South East Division side Greenwich Borough last month, has set up a new initiative to assist footballers in their day-to-day lives to get them back to where they feel they should be in their careers.

Barnes, who is a qualified coach, said:  “Through my time being involved in non-league football at various levels of the game and fortunately working with some highly-talented players and people, that who should and could play one, two or even many levels above where they are currently plying their trade, but for one reason or another this isn’t the case.

“As is the case with so many of the players who are out there, the obstacles and challenges that they have to overcome are countless and that’s just focusing on the playing side of things.

“Add to that the psychological issues thrown at them and even the personal circumstances that is a constant juggling act between want and need!

“Then you try and find an environment and people that truly allow you to flourish and play with a real freedom, ticking all these boxes seems to be the impossible.

“I have had the privilege of working with some brilliant lads, who when you peel back the layers and break down the barriers, have been through so much and suffered issues or setbacks that have completely derailed what was an upward journey or an injury that all of a sudden makes them take three steps back and they don't know how to deal with it.

“Nothing gives me more satisfaction then seeing players progress and achieve what people say they can't or never will. You hear it all the time, "he's not the player he used to be", "not the right character", "he doesn't really want it enough". The list is endless and I am not suggesting for one minute that these clichés are not true when it comes to a player but we never stop and ask ourselves the main question that should be number one, "why is he not that player anymore?"

“Building strong personal relationships with players has allowed me to gain the success I have in this industry and I truly believe that buying into a person and helping them overcome any challenges be it professional or personal, will only reinforce your relationship and gain you another 10-15% from that specific individual.

“I have been looking at a unique way of allowing a player to achieve their targets and objectives with their club, whilst also focus on personal targets and reach the highest possible level that they are striving for. This will be a mixture of many elements in a players development or learning, helping support a player and to analyse their performance whilst identifying areas of improvement needed to be made and enhancing the qualities they possess, to also give them that consistent voice and reassurance that can get lost or allow their focus be altered.

“After having such great replies to a few things I have put out on social media and around the circuit of players I have built up relationships with, I plan to invite players to register for a week of sessions which will take place on Monday 25 June, Tuesday 26 June, Wednesday 27 June and Thursday 28 June.

“This will bring together players from various levels and give them an insight into what I plan to build and deliver over the coming season whilst also give some managers around the non-league circuit a chance to get eyes on a pool of players who may just be the right fit for their clubs.

“For the forthcoming season I will recruit an exclusive client base of players whom I will personally coach on a weekly basis and work on the following areas of their game; technical enhancement, position specific focus training, game conditioning, in and out of possession practice, transitional training, whilst also attend fixtures and conduct personal analysis and evaluation of performance which will go back into an action plan to help increase effectiveness and outcomes within short, mid and long term goals that have been set.

“We will also give psychological support and link into partners who can help build players armoury when facing challenges and encountering setbacks.

“I am really excited and ready to start building something unique and special, as I do not believe that there is enough in terms of support for players and as I have always said, with the right support and environment, potential and talent will be allowed to flourish.

“I am in the process of meeting with potential partners and brands who want to support this programme, there is a great appetite within the non-league industry right now as there are so many talented players waiting to make that leap into professional football and every club wants to unearth that hidden gem.

“It will be interesting to see who the next ones are making that step up!”

For enquiries into how you can become part of this new programme, please register your interest by emailing: or by calling Paul Barnes on 07791163210.


August 2008-August 2009:

Millwall Football Club: Academy coach

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Chelsea Football Club: Development officer within Chelsea’s Foundation

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Millwall Football Club:  Academy coach under 12s

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Futsal Focus Academy: London co-ordinator:

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Welling United Football Club: First team coach

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Margate Football Club: First team coach

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Greenwich Borough Football Club:  First team manager

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