My main aim is to help Meridian become a better club from top to bottom, says Liam Kelly

Tuesday 03rd June 2014
MERIDIAN VP’s newly-appointed general manager says he is going to improve the club from top to bottom.

Liam Kelly, 32, was unveiled as part of the club’s management structure last night.

Richard Dimmock, 35, has been unveiled as the club’s new joint-manager, working alongside Dwinder Tamna, while Gurdy Tamna and Kelly will assist and Gareth Pritchard comes in as coach.

The Charlton-based club have suffered a mean time during their three seasons as founder Kent Invicta League members, but Kelly insists he will improve matters both on and off the pitch.

Kelly spent ten years in charge of Bexley Borough, who now ply their trade in the Haart of Kent County League Division Two West.

The club origins came from OPK Inferno, followed by OPK Football Club, who were formed in 2006 in remembrance of Owen Patrick Kelly, who lost his short life after 17 months.

Owen’s mother Laura Doherty suffered complications at birth and Owen had to have an emergency birth, which left Owen with severe brain damage.

All the club’s players were friends or relations of Owen’s father, Johnathan (Jinx) Kelly and decided that forming a team would be a fantastic way of remembering the little miracle whom was only given two weeks to live at birth.

When asked about the club’s future, Mr Kelly revealed: “A few people have been in touch about Bexley Borough FC, one promising contact with experience of running a club at that level. 

“The plan would to still use the artificial pitch at Sporting Club Thamesmead.

“It was a tough decision (to leave the club) but as a one man band there is realistic limitations as to how far I could take them.

“I’d have loved to get an offer like Dwinder did with me and have another football person on board.

“My aspirations are higher than the County League, not meaning any disrespect to the Kent County League, that is.”

Kelly is looking forward to starting a new chapter at Kent Invicta League Meridian VP.

The club are working tirelessly to improve their facilities at the Meridian Sports & Social Club, including floodlights, an enclosed ground with facilities and a 100-seater stand.

Kelly said: “I decided to join Meridian because I have an awful lot of respect for Dwinder.  I’ve got a lot of time for him.

“He’s had a plan, kept the plan to himself and now it’s in full flight.

“The playing side was always secondary to getting the infrastructure right and I believe he’s done it the right way.

“Meridian’s short term aspirations are simple.  Over the next year or two the playing side need to improve.  We will improve that’s for sure.

“Long term we will be looking for promotion but it’s step-by-step at the moment.”

When asked his job role within the club, Mr Kelly said: “We still need more like minded people on board bringing sponsors in and working behind the scenes incorporating the youth section into the greater plan in time.

“I see my role like a general manager, without stepping on anybody’s toes, I will have some input in the squad and help out wherever needed.

“I will be very busy behind the scenes making sure all the admin is right and will be there for all the training and games just like I was at Bexley Borough.

“My main aim is to help Meridian become a better club from top to bottom.”

Mr Kelly added: “We are looking to hold a ground opening day with a match against an unnamed team but cannot divulge any more right now.”

Meanwhile, the club, which is based on Charlton Park Lane, are searching for a couple of people to fulfil goalkeeper coaching duties as well as a physio.