Statement: Martin Ford

Friday 13th March 2020

Martin Ford Statement:


“Yesterday I was diagnosed with Stage Four cancer after they found a rare cancer in my leg called a sarcoma, which has spread to my lungs and liver.

“The life expectancy of what I have is 18 to 20 months, with chemo which I start next week. I’m hoping it will give me a little longer.

“Life for me now continues as normal. I’m back to work today and hopefully out and about as normal from this weekend.

“I have chosen to tell you because it’s hard to talk on the phone for the time being and by your messages of support I gather some of you may not know I will fight this disease to the end and enjoy the life I have left with my wonderful family.

“Love to you all. I have a battle to win.”

Martin’s son, Joe has given permission for this website to publish the statement that Martin posted on social media. would like to offer our thoughts and prayers to Martin, Joe and the rest of the Ford family during these tough times.