Kent League welcome Faversham Town

Tuesday 16th May 2006

Kent League chief Denise Richmond has confirmed that Faversham Town WILL be promoted - article courtesy of

The Salters Lane club jumped to the head of the queue when Kent County League Premier Division champions Lewisham Borough failed to meet the necessary criteria for Step Five of the football pyramid.

And Faversham Town - who finished runners-up to Borough - have now been told that their bid is being backed after a successful final ground grading on Tuesday last week.

Ms Richmond, who is chair of the Kent League, revealed that Faversham Town's promotion would be rubber-stamped by the member clubs at their annual general meeting next month.

She explained: "We are very pleased that Faversham Town have not only finished in a position for promotion but have also completed the ground improvements that were required to compete in the Kent League next season.

"Faversham Town will be invited to attend the Kent League AGM on the 21st June at which where they will have their promotion to the league confirmed."

Faversham Town chief executive John Webb revealed: "I received a letter from the Kent League last week saying that Salters Lane had been passed fit for the Kent League.

"It is now down to the clubs who will vote at the AGM but we are thrilled to learn that our many friends from around the county are supporting our application which is great news."

Webb reiterated his sympathy for Lewisham Borough whose late bid for promotion was rejected by Kent League chiefs.

He said: "As I've said many times before, we don't make the rules. We always knew the champions would take precedence but it appears that Lewisham were not quite ready for the step up.

"In all honesty, that is understandable. We know only too well how difficult it is to gear a club for promotion. There are so many things you have to take into consideration.

"We would have loved to have gone up as champions but we feel no shame in accepting a place in the Kent League having finished runners-up."

Webb revealed that Faversham Town had planned to TURN DOWN a place in the Kent League had they finished outside the top two.

He revealed: "There has been a lot of talk about our facilities and how we were always going to win promotion but that is a lot of nonsense.

"It's true that teams have gone up in the past having finished outside the top two. I believe Maidstone went up when finishing third while Lordswood were fifth and still went up.

"However, we were not looking for anyone to bend the rules. If we'd finished third, there are people on our committee who were determined that we would stay put.

"That is a measure of the respect we hold for the rules. As it is we look forward to making the step up in accordance with those rules. These are exciting times for everyone at Faversham Town."