I have been stabbed in the back and I'm just so disappointed how I've been treated, says former Kent Football United boss Rupert Jones

Sunday 17th November 2019

RUPERT JONES claims he was stabbed in the back by the owners of Kent Football United before stepping down as their manager on Friday.


The Dartford based club swiftly appointed Michael Walther as their new manager and he faced a baptism of fire when the club suffered a 6-1 defeat at Greenways yesterday and have now leaked 50 goals in the league this season.

Kent Football United remain rooted to the foot of the Sea Pioneer Southern Counties East Football League First Division table with six points (one win, three draws) from 13 league games and are three points adrift of the team immediately above them, Bridon Ropes.

Jones decided to leave his brother Owen, the manager of Premier Division side Erith & Belvedere, to take over Kent Football United but lasted 10 games where he lost seven of them.

Walther is now the third manager to lead the struggling club in the tenth-tier of English football this season, after Steve Devereux and Richmond Kissi both quit on 7 September 2019, after seven games in joint-charge.

Jones contacted his players’ by text message on Friday to tell him that he had stepped down from the role.

“Hi everyone! All listen very carefully, I am leaving. I have been stabbed in the back massively! My pride won’t let me stand there and take that,” wrote Jones.

“For those of you who want to stay, I will not take that with disappointment.  I wish you all the best and those of you who decide to walk away, God bless you.  You have to do what’s best for you.  I love you all.

“I just cannot believe the chairman and his son can behave like that.  We were just getting it sorted. Never mind, it’s a journey, the journey of life.

“This club has definitely got trust issues. I’m just so disappointed how I’ve been treated.  You live and learn.”

Jones then issued the following statement.

“It’s my frustration at not being given long enough. When I got there the club was in a mess football wise.

“I used the cup games as pre-season games to sort the team out. As soon as I was getting a decent squad together, the chairman behind my back was interviewing my job.

“I’m not bitter with him because it’s his club and he gave me the opportunity. He is suffering anyway, this is costing him the friendship of someone in our league. I know that’s going to be hurting more. It’s all about respect and be humble, at least.

“I’ve got a decent squad out of this so if anyone out there is looking for an honest manager, I’m more than happy to bring my boys over and have a good go.

“It’s a nice club, it’s all about the women’s football and all the kids' and senior men’s promises a lot but nothing happens – and I wish him all the best anyway.”

Jones added:  “I’ve always had Roy’s and Sam’s backs but obviously they never had mine!  He went behind my back and sorted it all out.

“He was going to get rid of me after the (Greenways) game but I found out.  Everyone was telling me everything all through the week what was going on. 

“But I’ve put my trust in people and yes Owen (Jones, my brother) and Mick Cooper have asked me to come back to Erith & Belvedere straight away.

“I’m just a bit frustrated for the squad that I’ve put together but it’s defiantly a lesson well learnt and it’s going to make me a better manager going forward.”

A club statement said: “The players were signed after his resignation and following the new appointment, not before.”