An overwhelming majority of Kent County League clubs wish to restart playing if and when they are able to do so

Sunday 24th January 2021

Gavin Hoare, the chairman of the Kent County League has issued the following statement:

“The recent poll we undertook has shown an overwhelming majority (75%) do wish to restart and play football when/if we are able to do so. Most importantly when it is safe to do so. We also need to wait for approval from the Government and FA before this can be considered.

We must, of course, remain realistic and we will soon approach a point where to complete a full season will not be possible and any scaled down version would have to be agreed between you and the County FA. It is also possible the decision will be taken out of our hands and we may be given clear instruction as to how we conclude the season

The option of points per game is now unlikely, as we agreed at the AGM, we need to complete 50% of fixtures over the whole league.

You may well have seen that at Step Three to Six the Leagues have had to complete a questionnaire, which included another Null and Void Season amongst other options which are now be considered.

We have, however, been advised that our direction will be from the Kent FA. We have recently had meetings with both the Chairman and Chief Executive who have committed to keeping us updated and engaging with us before any decisions are made. We will keep you ALL updated as we hear more and if other options are recommended, we will ask for further input from you as clubs.

The management committee, once we have enough information, will call a meeting of all clubs to discuss all options along with further information on matters raised in the latest management minutes, a Q&A can then take place.

The management committee wants every member club and all those associated with the clubs to remain vigilant and proactive in the coming weeks to protect everyone we can. Stay fit and stay positive. We have already lost too many friends and football family members.

Do what you have to do to protect all and in doing so we will get back to doing what we all do best when we can and it is safe to do so.

The management committee will continue to work together to put forward plans and ideas to keep the League at the top of its game and be bigger, better and stronger and to give all those that want the chance to move onwards and upwards the opportunity to do so in the most ethical and sporting manner.”

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