Kent County League: The League is committed to planning for a restart on Saturday 9 January

Friday 18th December 2020

Gavin Hoare, the chairman of the Kent County League, has issued the following statement:

“The League is committed to planning for a restart as agreed on 9 January.

We must all be prepared, though should government policy change, this may prevent the planned restart.

However, should things stay the way they are, then a program of fixtures is now being formulated. This will have to take into account teams and players in distinct tiered areas and the inability of players to cross tier borders. (Teams who have their home ground/players in Kent Tier Three cannot travel to London Tier Three and vice-versa under grassroots football).

It is not expected to be a full program but we will be able to play a good portion of our fixtures. 

Sadly, there will be clubs that may not have any fixtures for a sometime but those clubs will be contacted by us.

In addition, clubs that have raised concerns will be contacted in the coming days.

A meeting of all clubs will be scheduled for the 7 January and will be mandatory for all clubs to attend, an online meeting. Details will be released shortly along with a planned agenda and a link for registrations.

The League management committee will work hard to ensure we do everything to reach a point where the season can be played out in full, but in reality, it will be down to you the clubs. 

Everything we do will be in vain if even one club does not abide by the guidance to the letter, so we implore you to play ball with us and do more than just your bit.

On the 7 January we will work through the guidance and expectations.  We are all in this together and we must work together.

Please watch for more details but remember this remains a fluid situation and may change several times before January.”

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