I've missed being around the place and being involved, says Deal Town stalwart Derek Hares

Thursday 06th February 2014
DEREK HARES says he has something to offer as the chairman of Deal Town.

Hares, who stepped down as first team manager of the club in October, was appointed chairman when Dayle Melody decided to leave his position last month.

Deal Town are sitting in 12th place (bottom six) in the Southern Counties East Football League table with five wins and ten defeats in fifteen games.

Hares admits the club’s geographic position out on their own on the east Kent coast has proved problematic for the club.

“To be honest, up until two or three weeks ago becoming chairman was something I had never really thought about doing,” Hares told the club’s website.

“I’ve been involved in football for 25 years as a manager and that’s what I probably would have carried on doing.

“But I have got to say that since leaving the club I’ve missed it.  I’ve missed being around the place and being involved.

I feel I have got something to offer.  I’ve obviously got the experience of being a manager and I think I know what’s required on the footballing side but to get there is going to be a long road.

“You can’t say that everything is rosy at the club at the moment because it isn’t and that’s no disrespect to anyone who’s been here before because everyone has tried their best, but I think we’ve got to change some of the ways we do things.

“Obviously the league we are now playing in isn’t doing us any favours.  It’s no longer a Kent League and geographically, where we are, we are in the worst possible place because we’ve got more travelling to do than any other club so that means more expense and it also makes it difficult to attract players because they don’t want to do the travelling either.

“And, of course, all the clubs from north and west Kent and south-east London have got massive catchment areas compared to us, so we have got a big disadvantage but I think if we all pull together and get the structure of the club right then we can get there.

“If I didn’t feel that then I wouldn’t have come back and other similar clubs like Hythe and Ramsgate (who are both in Ryman League Division One South) have done it so it must be possible.”

Hares provided an update on the club’s proposal to build a new clubhouse at The Charles Sports Ground.

“I had a meeting with two officials from Dover District Council last week and things do sound positive,” revealed Hares.

“The council are still investigating the possibility of obtaining a Football Foundation grant through the FA which will boost the fund available for the clubhouse and the Council have got a meeting with the FA later this month.

“Then we are due to have another meeting with the Council on March 4 and at that meeting we should really be able to clarify where we stand.

“It’s nearly two-and-a-half-years since the old clubhouse burnt down and we know that we can’t let this situation drag on for too much longer because a new clubhouse is so important to the club’s future.

“As much as I want the club to be successful on the field I also want it to be a place where people enjoy coming along, where there’s a nice, friendly atmosphere and the clubhouse will obviously have a major part to play in that.”

Hares wants to improve the youth structure of the club so they can bring through their own players.

“I also see the youth section of the club being very important and Seb Tidey is doing a very good job running that,” he said.

“We’ve got three teams at the moment and I know there are plans to add one or two more next season.

“I want to see more of the current players and former players getting involved in things like the junior section so we can really help to build the club spirit side of things.”

Visit Deal Town’s website: www.pitchero.com/clubs/dealtown