Isthmian League member clubs will be allowed to kick-off earlier to help reduce energy costs

Sunday 31st July 2022

The Isthmian League have informed their member clubs that they will be allowed to kick-off their games earlier on a Saturday to help them reduce their energy costs this season.

A statement from the League said: “Chairman Nick Robinson has written to all clubs to advise them that, in order to reduce energy costs, particularly those related to floodlights, they are permitted to bring forward Saturday kick-off times so long as both clubs agree.

“Decisions should be made between both clubs, the League office should be informed as early as possible, and changes should be publicised to ensure that players, officials and supporters can have time to make appropriate plans.”

Several Isthmian League sides kick-off their campaign with FA Cup Extra Preliminary Round ties next Saturday, before kicking off their League campaigns on Saturday 13 August 2022.

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