I felt it was the right time to call it a day, says frustrated Keith Levett

Sunday 01st June 2014
KEITH LEVETT says he has left Chatham Town because he was frustrated with the lack of time being spent coaching the players at the club.

A number of part-time clubs in the Conference Premier and Conference South are changing their training regimes to mornings rather than training at night to have a more professional feel to the club.

Levett says his future is at one of these clubs.

He said: “I’d like to work with a professional club or a good standard semi-professional club because I find that if you’re working at the low levels of non-league the problem you’ve got is spending time with players.

“You tend to get frustrated. It’s easy to become frustrated because you don’t have enough contact time with the players and that’s what I found difficult as a coach – you don’t do a lot of work with them.

“If I go back in, helping maybe a manager if he needed help with scouting or whatever, something like that.”

Levett was in charge of Kent League side Sevenoaks Town between June 2010- May 2011.

He said: “I don’t really see myself working in the Kent League (now the Southern Counties East Football League) because you’re really chasing your tail all the time when you’re trying to find players.

“I’d rather work at a higher level and that’s no disrespect to Chatham or the Kent League, it’s just the way I feel at the moment.

“That’s the great thing about working with 16-19 year olds because we’re working nearly full-time with them so you’re getting much more job satisfaction because you’re working in a job that you want to do.

“If you feel you’re not making progress you’ve got an opportunity to affect the players and that’s the difficulty in non-league. You’re just looking to recruit players to do a job rather than affectively working with them.

“Having said that you can do some stuff with them.

“That’s where I am. A little bit frustrated but overall I enjoyed my experience with Chatham Town. I wish them, the club, they’re very nice people, the best.”

Levett added: “If I worked now it would be to support somebody at a higher level and looking to then possibly do some recruitment for a good standard, player identification and looking at games.  The good thing not being at the front line so to speak is to go and watch some games and learn because football is a learning process. 

“You can go out and look at the way the teams set-up, set-pieces, formations etc.

“I enjoy the game. I love the game. Most people do it in non-league football not for the money but because they love the game – that’s ultimately the right way and that’s how it should be.”

Meanwhile, Chatham Town have confirmed that Greg Benbow, Jack Bradshaw, Liam Hickey, Corey Holder, Lewis Knight, Jamie Lawrence, Brad Potter, Matt Solly and Ade Yuseff have all put pen to paper to stay.

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