For years we have not had a youth structure and when the new board took over we knew it was going to be a main focus to build a family community, says Erith & Belvedere director Paul Springett

Thursday 18th June 2020

ERITH & BELVEDERE’S recently installed directors say they’re feeling excited now that the club are focusing on bringing their own players through the youth section.

Jamie Lover (under 12s), Dan Benson (under 13s), Peter Springett (under 14s), Alex Griffiths and Rich Carter (under 15s) will be managing the youth sides next season.

Peter Springett will oversee the entire youth section and will work closely with the new board of directors and the first-team manager Derek Oldfield and his coaching staff to implement a clear strategy and vision to allow youth players to develop with a clear path to first-team football over the coming years.

Peter Springett said: “We have a strong emphasis on the importance of the social needs for each child, after all football needs to be fun first and foremost.

“To help us with this we encourage our age groups to practice together as much as possible, have lots of social time between children without team boundaries.

“We also encourage age groups to take part in activities outside of football together rather than individual teams.

“The strong social emphasis plays an important role also should a child need to move team as they will be familiar with all of the coaches and children.”

This is only the first step to what the Southern Counties East Football League Premier Division club are looking to achieve, which is starting grassroots football teams from under seven’s right the way through to under 23’s and the club are currently working on setting up a women’s team.

The club were taken over by former Erith & Belvedere players James Lyons and Paul Springett in February.

Lyons said: “This is a hugely important and exciting bit of news for the club and really helps with the drive and determination to help us build for the future.”

Paul Springett said: “We have looked at the overall club structure and are in the process of finalising a few other things at the club but in respect of the youth structure this will allow us to grow our football community, these are very exciting times.

“Everyone at Erith & Belvedere are excited with this development. For years we have not had a youth structure and when the new board took over we knew it was going to be a main focus to build a family community as we approach the clubs centenary.

“On that matter there is a club operating as Erith & Belvedere FC Youth Development under Raj Kalia.  We want to point out this has NO association or affiliation with Erith & Belvedere FC.  We will be contacting all youth development platforms to advise them of this matter given they have been using the clubs badge.

“Everyone at the football club would like to wish our four new youth teams all the success for next season.”

Anyone interested in potentially joining any of the teams should call Peter Springett on 07849 188 012.

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