Dover Athletic fan James Pearce sets up Fundraising page to support his home-town cash-strapped National League club

Thursday 22nd April 2021

A Dover Athletic supporter has raised over £4,000 for the cash-strapped National League club.

“We’re raising £40,000 to help and support our local football club Dover Athletic and the future of the club, it’s youth academy and it’s disability clubs,” said James Pearce.

“Firstly, please note this is not in any way linked directly to the football club and is supporter created.

“This fundraising campaign has been set-up to support our small-town football club.  Any football fan will appreciate the passion and importance of their home-town club.  In Dover’s case the pandemic has really hit home with the club forced to stop playing to avoid becoming insolvent.

“The club has youth academies and disability clubs which are so important to the community and our children – now and future being able to get involved.

“I ask any football fan, Dover or not, to please give what you can to help us continue playing next season. Any local business who can spare a small donation to help their town team continue playing.

“Other than streaming tickets, we have not had to pay any gate fees this season and a single ticket admission donation would help massively to ensure you can continue to watch the club next season.

“Why has it come to this? Sadly, Dover Athletic have been docked 12 points for next season and fined £40,000 after putting almost all staff on the Furlough scheme because of costs associated with the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The chairman (Jim Parmenter) has quite rightly refused to force the club into debt. 

“Let’s do what we all can do to support this club.”

The club has had its results during the 2020-21 National League campaign expunged.

A club statement said: “Dover Athletic would like to say a huge thank you to all those people who have donated to a fundraising appeal initiated by one of our fans, James Pearce.

“James started a JustGiving page after the club was given a 12-point deduction for next season and fined £40,000 for not fulfilling fixtures by an independent panel commissioned by the National League.

“As a club, we can assure you that we need every penny we can get at this time as we appeal the decision.”

To donate, visit: