Dartford awarded personalised postcode for Princes Park

Thursday 06th April 2006

Dartford Football Club will have their own personalised postcode for their new Princes Park Stadium and the name of the road, which leads up to the 4,100 maximum capacity stadium, will be revealed next week.

Fans of the Southern League Division One East club have put forward their proposals to the Council and local press will reveal the name next week.

However, one entry, “Chatham Town Way” has been declined by Jeremy Kite, Leader of Dartford Borough Council.

He told www.dartfordfootballclub.co.uk:  “I received confirmation this morning that the name suggested by the winning fan(s) has been ok’d by the Emergency Services and has passed the consultation phase.

“The winning name will be announced next week. Then it is subject to ratification by the Cabinet, which I suspect won’t be a problem.

“I can tell you that one entry was “Chatham Town Way”, which made me laugh. I can’t think where that entrant came from!”

He added: “On another front, we have been allocated a postcode. We asked for DA1 1FC but sadly the letter C is not allocated to the end of postcodes.

“Instead, our second suggestion DA1 1RT (DART?) has been accepted and has been set-aside for us.

“Thanks to the Post Office who have got into the spirit of this great community project - a personlised postcode!”

Back to on pitch matters, league leaders Boreham Wood are the visitors to Stonebridge Road, Northfleet on Saturday, 3pm.