Daish: We have a responsibility to look after our players

Saturday 10th June 2006

Gravesend & Northfleet have secured the services of a new full-time physio to replace Dave Lawson, whose joined Kent rivals Welling United.

Paul Wilson has joined the club on a full-time basis from neighbouring Nationwide Conference rivals Grays Athletic.

Fleet boss Liam Daish told www.gnfc.co.uk:  “We are sad to see Dave leave us but he was unable to give us full time commitment due to his own employment situation. I would like to thank him for his loyal service to the club and wish him well in his new job”.

Daish added: “As far as I am concerned when a player is injured he should be receiving treatment all day every day if necessary.

“We have never had this facility before and it is just one of those things that is essential now that we have completed the change to ‘full time’ status.

“Last season was a nightmare and put a big strain on all of the staff in trying to cover day time and night time training sessions.

“We had cover from two physio’s for example but even then we found it difficult to cover every day plus match days.

“We invest good money in players and they are our biggest asset, we have a responsibility to ourselves and the fans to get them back playing as quickly as possible.

“With Paul arriving we will now have this facility and I am confident that over the course of the season we will find it money well spent.”

Meanwhile, the first phase of this year’s pitch work at Stonebridge Road has now been completed and the first signs are very good.

A club statement said: “The club is changing the style of this years ground maintenance a little and we a hoping that it will prove successful.

“This year we have decided to have two phases of work completed, one which took place in early May and the second to take place in mid June.

“The first phase initially involved the spreading of 80 tonnes of rootzone across the pitch. This is primarily aimed at filling any little holes and scrapes and also provides some substance to promote seed growth. Following this we had approximately 500kgs of seed sown.

“The second phase will essentially be a repeat of the first but with the addition of a good covering of fertilizer and a ground slitting operation which is intended to aerate the soil and improve drainage.”

Secretary Roly Edwards, meanwhile, is delighted with the work being done on the pitch - especially as it showed signs of wear and tear last season.

He said: “I am extremely pleased with the work carried out so far, we started very early this year and benefited greatly from the good levels of rainfall in May, during my time here I have never seen the pitch look this good so early.

“The weather has changed now and so Peter Norton is working hard with the water and this will be the major task between now and the start of the season.

“I am really pleased with our progress so far and honestly believe that with a repeat of the work already carried scheduled within the next week or two that our surface will be as good as it has ever been for the coming season”.