Crockenhill boss Liam Kelly: I wish AC London all the best for tomorrow and if they win, well done to them, but if they lose they've only themselves to blame! Although I'm sure they'll find some other poor soul to pin it on

Friday 25th September 2015

CROCKENHILL manager Liam Kelly has hit back at claims from a rival manager that his players are “not footballers.”


Academic Club London manager/chairman/founder Prince Choudary, 20, has been heavily criticised on Twitter by players, managers and coaches of Kent Invicta League clubs and higher levels of the game for showing their rivals a lack of respect.

The Crocks are sitting in eighth-place in the Pain & Glory Sports Kent Invicta League table on 12 points from eight games.

Academic Club London are in eleventh-place in the table on 10 points from 8 games and threw away a 1-0 lead to lose 2-1 at home to Glebe on Wednesday night after shipping in two goals in the last four minutes of the game at Crystal Palace National Sports Stadium.

Choudary is the new kid on the block and has caused a stir with his controversial comments in recent week.

“I've decided not to read anything into the media explosion following the provocative comments made by Prince Choudary,” said Kelly.

“I don't feel the comments were aimed directly at my players, how could they be? He's never seen us play! The comments were directed to every Kent Invicta and probably non-league club at this level.

“A few of my players are disappointed in what's been written but I'm sure none more so than his own players, particularly his goalkeeper.”

Choudary criticised the playing methods of his league rivals and exchanging banter with rival managers and coaches, claiming “they don’t know what they’re talking about,” and other controversial disrespectful comments.

Kelly said he is plotting tactics to beat a team that can’t defend long balls over the top of their defence.

“Tomorrow we will set up exactly how we've done for most of our games this season and if his royal highness doesn't like it he is free to publish another damning report generalising the English non-league game and English players in general,” said Kelly.

“Win, lose or draw tomorrow my players will go out there and play the way they are told to, whether that's playing out from the back, or route one, possession or counter attack they'll do as they're asked in the way I feel they have the best chance of winning the game.

“If my players are asked to play possession with short passing they will do it and will do it well as they are all very good players.

“It's not something special only playing the 'sexy football' way, it's not new and not something different! Experience shows that teams who mix it up win more games.

“We're on a little unbeaten run at the minute and played a very good young technical Phoenix side last week. We should have won and it took three of their Ryman players to make the difference.

“With a little more luck and a tiny bit better application we could have been sitting in the top five or six at the minute but as it stands we are eighth and I'm very proud of all the guys who have contributed so far.

“This is a very good, well run, competitive league and it's a privilege alone to be part of it.

“I wish AC London all the best for tomorrow and if they win, well done to them, but if they lose they've only themselves to blame! Although I'm sure they'll find some other poor soul to pin it on.”

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Academic Club London  v  Crockenhill
Pain & Glory Sports Kent Invicta League
Saturday 26th September 2015
Kick Off 3:00pm
at Crystal Palace National Sports Stadium, Ledrington Road, Crystal Palace, London SE19 2BB