AC London boss Prince Choudary: Our league position sums up our start to the season – diabolical!

Friday 18th September 2015

ACADEMIC CLUB LONDON manager Prince Choudary says he has not been impressed during the club’s opening six games in the Kent Invicta League.

The club are offering free admission for tomorrow’s home game against third-from-bottom side Eltham Palace – the club’s first game at the 16,000 all-seater Crystal Palace National Sports Stadium.

Choudard, 20, who is also the club’s chairman, said: “Our league position sums up our start to the season – diabolical!

“You would think mid-table is a good start for a new club but for my club’s standard it is utterly embarrassing!

“Injuries, bad refereeing decisions, bad luck, bad moments all round have cost us many points.

“Our UEFA pro licensed head coach has been diagnosed with cancer and is being operated on tomorrow.  His UEFA A license assistant has got kidney problems which needed operating on; everything that could go against us has gone against us. Ultimately we are in a false league position.

“My counterparts on the touchline in the league just make me laugh to be honest!  They simply cannot take it when they are losing and resort to embarrassing and laughable tactics. They honestly do not have a clue about football, it's ridiculous!  These are grown men we are talking about.

“We joined the league to play football but at times it seems opponents came to play a combination of head tennis/rugby. We haven't come up against a team that can actually string together five passes!”

The club play their first home game against an Eltham Palace side that have leaked 34 goals in their seven league games.

Choudary said: “On Saturday we have several FIFA agents, scouts and members of the PFA, Premier League and FA coming down. 

“Saturday also being our first game at the iconic Crystal Palace Sports Arena is a big occasion for myself personally - three years of hard work, playing on park pitches which resembled bomb sites to walking out onto the best ground around.

“I could never have imagined this - a year ago I was sending my CV to Step Six clubs now I am getting around 15 CV's a day!

“Overall to date it has been a funny season but no regrets I'm blessed to say. I thank the FA for this opportunity, my directors who ensure the club is always moving forward and my fiancé Yaz who has kept me sane!

“We started from the bottom, now we are here on our way to the top!"

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AC London  v  Eltham Palace
Pain & Glory Sports Kent Invicta League
Saturday 19th September 2015
Kick Off 3:00pm
at Crystal Palace National Sports Stadium, Ledrington Road, Crystal Palace, London SE19 2BB