FA scrap FA Cup replays, reduce prize money for our non-league clubs and increase the fine for a yellow card to £12

Thursday 13th August 2020

The Football Association has dealt another financial blow to our non-league football clubs by scrapping replays in all FA Cup matches during the 2020-21 campaign.

The Football Association and UK Government has been severely criticised by banning fans for all football matches until further notice, while people can watch cricket matches, sit on a beach, visit the cinema and drink in pubs.

One example of this nonsense is that cricket fans can attend matches at the Sportsground in Littlehampton, while Littlehampton Town, who play football matches at the same venue, has been prohibited to let fans in to watch them play.

To add insult to injury to our footballers, The FA have increased the fine for collecting a yellow card this coming season from £10 to £12.

The FA Cup Extra Preliminary Round kicks off on Tuesday 1 September and the Final takes place on Saturday 15 May 2021.

In order to assist in easing pressure on the football schedule, there will be no replays for the 2020-21 season.

After two seasons of record levels of prize funds, the FA Cup prize money has returned back in line with 2017-18 levels due to the financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The FA Cup Extra Preliminary Round and Preliminary Round draws are to be released next Tuesday 18 August 2020.

FA Cup 2020-21 Dates:

Extra Preliminary Round: Tuesday 1 September 2020
Preliminary Round: Saturday 12 September 2020
First Qualifying Round: Tuesday 22 September 2020
Second Qualifying Round: Saturday 3 October 2020
Third Qualifying Round: Tuesday 13 October 2020
Fourth Qualifying Round: Saturday 24 October 2020

First Round: Saturday 7 November 2020
Second Round: Saturday 28 November 2020
Third Round: Saturday 9 January 2021
Fourth Round: Saturday 23 January 2021
Fifth Round: Wednesday 10 February 2021
Quarter-Finals: Saturday 20 March 2021
Semi-Finals: Saturday 17 April 2021
Final: Saturday 15 May 2021

FA Cup Prize Money 2020-21:

Winning clubs/losing clubs

Extra Preliminary Round: £1,125/£375
Preliminary Round: £1,444/£481
First Qualifying Round: £2,250/£750
Second Qualifying Round: £3,375/£1,125
Third Qualifying Round: £5,625/£1,875
Fourth Qualifying Round: £9,375/£3,125

First Round winners: £22,629
Second Round winners: £34,000
Third Round winners: £82,000
Fourth Round winners: £90,000
Fifth Round winners: £180,000
Quarter-Final winners: £360,000
Semi-Final winners: £900,000
Semi-Final losers: £450,000
Final winners: £1,800,000
Final runners-up: £900,000

More money needs to filter down to our non-league game - instead of reducing it - and #LetFansIn to watch our beloved non-league clubs, otherwise they'll go out of business!


Visit The Football Association’s website: www.thefa.com