Sunday 08th May 2005

Whitstable raise money for injured player

A Managers Match has raised nearly £850 for injured player Lee Jones, writes Stephen McCartney.

The event, organised with great flair by Go Travel Kent League side Whitstable Town's vice-chairman Alan Gower, was another successful fund raising event for the injured player and his family.

Jones, who is recovering from an injury he suffered playing at the Belmont some weeks ago, which threatened to end his football career, leaving him unable to work, told the club's website: "I'm truly touched by the amount of people who have turned up and the money raised will be a great help at this difficult time for me and my family.

"On behalf of my family I would like to thank everyone at the football club, from Joe (Burnett) the chairman and every single one involved.

"But I must thank Alan Gower for all the work he put into the night, his wife and his children - in fact everyone who was there.

"Lastly a big thank you to Victor Gladwish, his company GLSfootball.com, will be Whitstable Town's sponsors next season and when his brother Paul, who I have known for a number of years mentioned to Victor my situation he sent a cheque for £200, which was just amazing, really amazing."

Gower said after the event: "It's not just me and my family there are many others who helped to make the night a success.

"It was hard work and by the end of the night I was dead on my feet, but to see the smile on Lee's face and knowing that it will soften the blow for him and his family is reward enough."