Tuesday 12th July 2005

Miles Green with envy

The joint-manager of Kentish Observer League side Slade Green has broken his silence to give an update of life at the Small Glen club, writes Stephen McCartney.

Phil Miles admits its difficult competing against the clubs in the league that have more financial clout.

The Kent League, however, now seems to have two divisions in one - with the clubs without the finances battling in the bottom half of the table.

"Well it's nice to be back, or is it?" Miles told the new club website at 

"The usual players comings and goings are going on and as per usual the management team will be left to pick up the pieces and try to re-build another new but competitive side for the coming season."

But Miles knows what he is expecting as its the same scenario every year.

"Every year has been the same," he said.  "So we shouldn't really be shocked, but it does become increasing more frustrating when the so called bigger local clubs come along, flash their cash and entice your players away.

"Much of our time is spent giving young players the chance to succeed at this level, where other clubs won't risk them or just don't bother, so I don't begrudge myself a little moan about this, but hey, that's life and we will get on with it - still moving forward."