Tuesday 03rd January 2006

Sevenoaks Town "disgusted" by vandalism at ground

Sevenoaks Town Football Club may be forced to reschedule evening fixtures if vandals continue to attack their ground.

The glass in expensive floodlights has been smashed and the newly refurbished pavilion covered in graffiti.

The latest in a string of incidents at the club's home in Greatness Park, took place on the evening of Thursday, December 22.

It has angered, frustrated and upset the club's committee members who worked tirelessly on improvements to the building earlier this year.

Mayor Cr Robert Piper officially opened the refurbished building in September.

The Kentish Observer Premier League club's commercial manager Tony Collins is appalled by the attack.

He said: "I am absolutely disgusted that this has happened, particularly because of the recent refurbishments.  It's an endemic problem for the club.  Thank godness they didn't get inside."

Earlier last month the club's floodlights, made from expensive Italian glass, were smashed in what appears to have been an attack with catapults.

Mr Collins added: "We have a witness who saw the thug catapulting the lights so I am flummoxed as to why the constabulary cannot act upon it.  It will cost the club £1,000 to repair them."

The club also suffered a spate of vandalism in September, when criminals left the perimeter fence flattened, drainpipes torn down, grounds plagued with beer cans and roof tiles smashed.

Club chairman Tony Smart added: "It's the glass in the floodlights that's being broken.

"But if the bulbs get broken as well then we would not be able to use them.  If that happens we would have to call off evening fixtures."

The latest incident happened between 9:30pm on Thursday, 22nd December and 9am on Friday, 23rd December.  A police spokesman said: "A dark coloured car - possibly a Vauxhall Astra - was seen in the area about the same time that the damage may have taken place."

Anyone with information is asked to contact West Kent Police on 01732 370 732 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.