Friday 22nd July 2005

Bears tame Maidstone


After a 3-0 convincing win at Tilbury 24-hours earlier, a much changed Maidstone United side struggled in a 3-3 draw at British Energy Kent County League side Bearsted last night, reports www.maidstoneunited.co.uk

With the exception of Matt Nicholl, Gary Bryne and Mo Takaloo the Stones' team had played together last season but at times this wasn't evident as they defended poorly and often resulted to lumping the ball up feild.

Unsurprisingly, coach Alan Walker wasn't pleased with what he had seen.  "I'm very disappointed in the application we've shown tonight," he said.

"The team was different but we went and asked the same things of people but unfortunately it looked like the old days of early last year.

"People got back into bad habits, doing silly things and making silly mistakes, whereas they hardly did any of that last night (at Tilbury).

"But on a positive note we scored a couple of good goals."

On the scoresheet for the Stones were Takaloo, Jason Barton and Tom Berry.