Tuesday 01st March 2005


Stones not for sale!

SPEAKING on a local radio station, CTR FM, Maidstone United chairman Paul Boweden-Brown once again expressed his annoyance over the continuing saga of David Folb and the ongoing articles in the Kent Messenger newspaper about the Go Travel Kent League club.

Bowden-Brown once again insisted the club "was not and never has been for sale."

The Stones' chief confirmed that whilst he had spoken to Folb and his chief executive out of courtesy, at no time had either mentioned buying the club, and that the ongoing insinuations in the Kent Messenger that he was interested in buying the club, were causing disruption to the club, both with the playing staff who were reading these articles and potential investors who were being put off by Folb's actions.

Bowden-Brown added: "Whilst we still continue to listen to potential partners or investors, Mr Folb has not approached the club with any such offer, and if, as he claims, he is a true fan of the club, he will stop these continued articles in the press, which are causing so much disruption for the club," reports www.maidstoneunited.co.uk

Meanwhile, the club have arranged a Meet the Manager session tonight.  This was an opportunity for fans to listen to the managers plans for next season as well as an opportunity to question both Lloyd Hume and footballing advisor Alan Walker about playing matters both this season and next.